Meet the Team - Tom

Tom is one of Marmalade's graphic designers & resident web developer, drawing on many years of industry experience to come up with creative solutions to our client briefs.

Lets find out a bit more about him...

Which animal best reflects your personality?
I’d have to say it would be a buzzard.

Favourite soup?
Um… I only really eat soup when I’m force fed it if I’m ill - I think that it’s cream of chicken maybe…

Jam… or Marmalade?
Jam. Wait, no Marmalade! Are we talking on bread or on toast?

In a nutshell, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at Marmalade Soup
I’m a creative designer and I’ve worked in the industry for over 10 years in various roles from printing through to marketing and web development. My passion is design for print and branding, and coming up with creative solutions that work for each individual client. Within my role at Marmalade Soup I work alongside my colleagues in the creative department to come up with awesome graphics and also take care of building and managing our client websites

What’s for lunch today?
Hot roast pork roll with plenty of crackling

Your favourite type of project to work on?
Branding and typography - creating logos that are timeless and reflect a clients business can keep me entertained for hours!

What inspires and influences you?
I’m a bit of an outdoors enthusiast - if I hit a creative block, there is no remedy like a long trip into the wilderness, top of a mountain or beautiful forest to revitalise the grey-matter

Mountain biking, hiking, climbing. I’m also a volunteer Search Technician with West Mercia Search & Rescue which is fulfilling and gets me outdoors!

Favourite Film & why?
I’m torn - City of God is right up there at the top of the list - beautiful shot, well directed and a fantastic adaptation of the book. Sitting alongside it is American History X - again, a gripping storyline

Favourite book & why?
An impossible question, too many choices! If pushed, I’d have to go with a series - The Discworld series by the late Terry Pratchett - I grew up and indeed grew older with each and every book released, and his stories always manage to drag me deep into all of the characters lives - the only downside is coming to the end of each book!

What is it you love (or hate!) most about Marmalade Soup?
I’ve worked for a fair number of agencies. Marmalade Soup have the balance just right between hard work and fun - as a team, we work hard to get the job done, but the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable - I think perhaps because we all have a wealth of experience and each know what is expected of us. Time really does fly here, and the day to day activities change in a heartbeat so it’s impossible for things to become boring.