Meet the Team - Katie

Katie joined the Soupateers in May 2016 taking on the ever-growing challenge of creating engaging relevant content for our client's social accounts... and she's proven her skills over and over, with increased interactions and engagement across the board!

Which animal best reflects your personality?
A labrador!

Favourite soup?

Jam… or Marmalade?

In a nutshell, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at Marmalade Soup
I am a fun loving kinda girl who is into fashion and all things lifestyle. At MS I am the Social Media Manager who looks after all of Marmalade Soup's client's social media platforms.

What's for lunch today?

Your favourite type of project to work on?
We have a large selection of lifestyle clients which I love as this is something I love to study!

What inspires and influences you?
I spend most of my life on social media platforms and am always looking at new fashions and trends! I love to watch the world go by through the eyes of others.

I love to socialise with my friends over a glass of wine and am a great lover of the great outdoors. Love spending time exploring with my little dude and pooch.

Favourite film & why?
Pretty Woman. It's something I used to watch over and over again when I was younger, it still has to be my favourite film. I suppose wishing one day I would be swept of my feet just like her!

Favourite book & why?
I'm not a book lover I'm more into lifestyle magazines, however one set of books I couldn't get my head out of was The 50 Shades of Grey novels! Say no more!!

What is it you love (or hate!) most about Marmalade Soup?
I love how time flies!
I love the constant new day feel when I come to work, no day is the same.
I love the buzz and the hustle and bustle.