Meet the Team - Dom

We landed Dom after many months trawling the seas of creativity (found just off the shores of imagination) - it didn't take long to tame him and he's since been amazing us and our clients with his unique illustrations and creative spark!

Which animal best reflects your personality?
Cocker spaniel wearing a tie, I saw one once and instantly felt an understanding between us both.

Favourite soup?
Oxtail, although my favourite thing about soup is the layer of Lurpak generously spread on my four slices of thick sliced granary bread, right up to the edges.

Jam… or Marmalade?
Jam. Raspberry.

In a nutshell, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at Marmalade Soup
I'm the new boy here and as such I do anything design the guys like to throw at me. Oh and the teas.

What’s for lunch today?
Today I enjoyed a club sandwich with egg mayo, bacon and chicken, and then the woman who made it put prawns in by accident as well, which was a surprising (but delicious!!) addition.

Your favourite type of project to work on?
Anything where I have free reign to go mental and really Dom it up. Lock my self away in a darkened room and go at it until I'm done!

What inspires and influences you?
I think other people doing things amazing that you never expected of them, other people's hidden skills and qualities blow my mind!!!

I like going out to many pubs and bars, chatting and probably being a tiny bit annoying, having loads of fun!
But then I also really really like computer games, it's a difficult balance.

Favourite Film & why?
That's a toughie! Bio-dome with Paulie Shore, super stupid fun. Or Aladdin, my role model.

Favourite book & why?
Watchmen by Alan Moore
It's a thought provoking masterpiece in a comic! What's not to like?

What is it you love (or hate!) most about Marmalade Soup?
I love the people and the environment in the office. Getting up to do a job you enjoy with people you like is pretty much living the dream.