Meet Scott... the boss!

Running a creative design & marketing agency is a roller-coaster ride - hugely fulfilling, fun... and wonderfully stressful!

Which animal best reflects your personality?
A duck... Calm on the surface but working hard underneath!

Favourite soup?
Something spicy

Jam… or Marmalade?

In a nutshell, tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at Marmalade Soup
I do what I love!! - After an epiphany a few years back I decided that a life of "what ifs" was a life wasted - And here I am MD, and Creative Director of the most exciting thing I've ever been part of.

What’s for lunch today?
I grabbed Sushi today but if you're reading this on a cold December day then I'm probably eating chilli.

Your favourite type of project to work on?
Branding all the way for a client with an open mind and desire to stand out from the crowd.

What inspires and influences you?
I find inspiration everywhere - my brain never switches off and I'm constantly snapping away at things I might just need in the future.

I love to make beer!! I have a little home brewery and day brewing is a great get away for me.

Favourite Film & why?
It has to be Saving Private Ryan. Yes, it smacks of Americanism, but that beginning scene really brings to life what happened that day. (I also have the guilty secret of liking Pride & Prejudice, I'm really a romantic at heart!!)

Favourite book & why?
I've never read a book more than twice, (I get bored far too quickly) - However, historical fact-based fiction is my genre of choice (especially military).

What is it you love (or hate!) most about Marmalade Soup?
What's not to love?!? We have a small team of carefully handpicked individuals so it feels like I'm hanging out with friends every day. It's the best place to work in the world!