Originally engaged to manage social media content and grow online presence, our partnership with The Olive Branch has now also developed into web design.

Digital & Web Design

The client was unable to edit and update the existing website. It was also not responsive (mobile device compatable), which was causing issues with customers unable to view it properly but also Google penilising them.

The new website, built by Marmalade Soup, encorporates some great features such as an embedded Spotify widget showing current music being playing in the restaurant. As with all sites we build, we also provide a customised CMS which the client has found very easy to use and is able to publish site updates themselves.

View the live site here

Social Media Content Strategy.

Our proven digital content strategy has assisted The Olive Branch in growing its audience over a relatively short period of time. Concentrating on establishing the restaurant as THE place to go to for traditional tapas.

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